Kristyn Rose

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I am a stay at home mom with 2 very busy kids. One in school, one at home with lots of dr appointments and traveling. I volunteer at my daughters school, I own my own photography business, I baby sit for anyone who needs a sitter, and have odd little side jobs I do for people. I am busy and always on the go. Rarely ever do I have the chance to sit(as I’m typing this, my 2 kids are in my lap). My kids are in sports, I like to work out everyday, we go to the lake and enjoy life.

I was never little or fat, just “thicker” or “big boned” After high school I liked to party and have fun. It all caught up and before I knew it I was pregnant and 200 lbs! When I went into labor and went to the hospital, I will never forget stepping on the scale and seeing 246 lbs. Yes, I was pregnant buuuuttt thats BIG! Had both my kids and never worked out, didn’t care, I just had “baby weight”. 

I finally found crossfit, which is PERFECT for me. After several years I plateaued, then tried going paleo and working out 4+ hours a day and lost 40 lbs! But within a few months of not doing it, I gained it all back faster than I lost it. This program has been amazing and so sustainable for me. I am a very busy mom, always on the go, we eat out 90% of the time, and I rarely ever meal prep.

If you want something, you make it work, and if you work this program, you will get the results you want. This is not a diet, I can still go to parties and enjoy the food, have a good drink, not be miserable by all the amazingness that food has to offer.