J Johnston

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Losing weight never felt like an option for me. I had decided in my own mind that I didn’t have the self discipline to do it. I was just going to be that guy who was always a little fat. I was kind of ok with it. I kept eating food that was slowly killing me. Not just in the I’m doing to die earlier sense, but in the way that affects my life everyday. I was constantly tired and grumpy and no amount of tasty foods would fix it. Then I got married to a wonderful woman who happened to be 10 years younger than me. I needed to make a change. I realized that with a little accountability and support I could do anything. I also didn’t want to die 30 years before her. She deserved better than that. I started working out and losing weight but I didn’t know if I could keep it off. Then I found Macroholics and I feel more confident than ever that I have the tools to live a happy and healthy life… even if my self discipline isn’t where I would like it to be. And I feel confident that I have many happy years with my wife to enjoy. I started this journey at 220lbs and as I am writing this I have lost 60 of those and that is mostly because of Macroholics.