Greg Wilson

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I’ve been active my whole life—running or going to the gym 3+ times a week. I earned black
belts in Taekwondo and Hapkido in my 30s, but also started putting on weight. I’m 5’ 9.5” and
at my heaviest I was in the 230s. At 40 I started to get bad cholesterol numbers and decided to
lose weight. But it wasn’t until I turned 50 that I found the Macroholics program and had a
way to reliably get back to my real body. The before picture was taken January 1, 2017 when I
weighed 211 and just before I started the program. The other progress picture was taken mid-
October, 2017 at 164 pounds. My bloodwork this fall showed my cholesterol, triglycerides,
HDLC, and HLDL had all come down into normal ranges. My LDL is still a few points high, but my doctor isn’t talking about putting me on statins any more!

I was never going to be able to exercise away those pounds given all the bad nutrition patterns I had. I was eating whole grains, lean protein, and fruits and vegetables, and even tracking
calories off and on, but I didn’t have the discipline, guidance, or community that Macroholics

I’ve gone from a 36-38 waist down to a 30-31 waist, which is what I wore in high school. I’m
seeing great results with my workouts, doing things I’ve never done in my life. I’ve exceeded
what I thought was possible with Macroholics, and moving into my 50s I feel like I have my 20s
body back, but better.