The Balance

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Self awareness and self acceptance are both critical parts to success with the Macroholics program as well as most difficult changes in life.

Being able to accurately depict where you truly are, currently, with self awareness is the only way that you can make measurable progress forward. You cannot get to the finish line of a race, if you do not know where the race path is. You cannot start the race, without finding the starting line. Self awareness encourages us to slow the justification process we as humans are incredibly gifted at, and allows us the space to really recognize where we are and what we are doing and the choices and people surrounding us that allowed this reality to become who and where you are standing. It allows you the ability to see your faults, to know where you are, and, to know what choices you make that give the product you are looking at. 

Self awareness is necessary, its vital, its important. But it can also become our biggest critic. Self awareness without it’s very important counterpart, self-acceptance, is just a loud voice that can become full of shame and doubt and pain.

If you are an overweight person, you must have self-awareness enough to own the choices you have made to get to the bodyweight that you are at, currently. Without that piece of the puzzle, you will not be able to understand that change MUST happen for change to happen. Without self awareness, you would not be able to understand that you need to do something different in order to have a body or health markers that you haven’t had before.

But on that same ticket, if you only have the self-awareness piece and you don’t allow your self-acceptance to tell you that you are in this position because of your sacrifice to your children, or your mama’s warm home cooking that you love so much, or because of medical issues or changes in lifestyle, etc. You have to have the part of you that accepts that you are present in the moment because of choices you make and THAT IS OKAY.

We are present in a world that is hyper vigilant on criticism. We are afraid of vulnerablity because we are told so often in our culture that you are weak and stupid if you are overweight. We are told you are held to a standard so high that we need computers to achieve it. We are lied to about what the goal is, and then ridiculed when the goal isn’t achievable. 

Self awareness helps us realize that we aren’t perfect. It helps us attain a level of honesty within ourselves that allows us to call our own BS and be real with who we are and what we are doing here. And self acceptance allows us the grace to believe that who we REALLY are, truly, is a good and loving and successful person that needs the support and love of a great community in order to reach the goals they set out to achieve.

There is freedom in acceptance of the realest form of you. It allows for growth, it changes the dynamic in which we associate ourselves with the people around us, and it gives us an opportunity to have an honest look at where we are and where we want to go.

I hope that for many of you, Macroholics was and is a place where you can go to find both. A way to find self awareness and people there that will help you see the truth, but also to find self acceptance, to see where the road began and how you got here and that the path ahead is bright and full of promise. I hope that it is a place where you find the kindness you can’t give yourself and the honesty you don’t always want to hear. I hope it is a place where that balance is easier to find and easy to sustain. 

If you need a place to be loved for the good and the bad, I hope you’ll find it in Macroholics.

David Barnett