Accuracy & Why We Need It

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Every single diet works.

If you’ve been here for long, you have probably heard me say that before. 

If you haven’t, and you’re thinking, ‘why would she say that another diet works when she has her own diet shes trying to sell?’

Because its true. Every single ‘diet’ that has ever been marketed can be successful in losing pounds of weight from your body.

The reason that is true, is the caloric deficit. 

You have to burn off more than you put in. Its that simple, its that ‘easy’. It is not a magic pill, it is not a hormone, it is not a ‘zone’ of time or nutrients, it is caloric math. 

The term ‘diet’ is just a word for the process of what we do and use to implement that caloric deficit. 

Keto works because you are in a caloric deficit without carbs.

Macroholics works because you are in a caloric deficit by calorie tracking.

The reason why accuracy in your logging is so important to being successful on Macroholics is because if you aren’t logging correctly, you probably aren’t in a caloric deficit, and if you aren’t in a caloric deficit, you aren’t going to lose weight. AND, I can’t suggest anything other than increasing the caloric deficit, and if it isn’t logged accurately, then it wouldn’t be an actual caloric reduction and that is going to make the process of finding the correct number that puts you into a caloric deficit even more difficult! 

I know it can sound accusatory, or demeaning, but when we ask if you have logged everything accurately, it is NOT a test of how “good” at Macroholics you are. It is not a test. It is simply a way for us to make sure that the targets we are adjusting are as close to accurately logged as possible! 

Things like logging your peanut butter without weighing it, can make your targets LOOK perfect, but in actuality it is much more you consumed than you logged. So, if you present those targets, and we reduce your calories down, you run the risk of being more hungry and getting to eat less food than you would have if we would have both known exactly how much food you ate that day!

Macroholics is only successful if there is honesty between the coach and the client. Without accuracy in your logging, we are trying to guide you places that you cannot go without direction and we have no idea where you really are. 

We care so, so much about each and every client we have, that we want to make sure we are seeing you and your journey as clearly as possible so that we can give you the help, support and love that YOU individually need. 

I hope that when you see a request for accuracy, you only see it as a request for connection, for us to see how things are really going and how we can support and encourage you in the best way possible!

Let’s build this relationship and watch your relationship with food change forever!

-Coach Hallye

David Barnett