Harder is Better


Imagine you are watching the olympics, and you see an Athlete win the gold medal.

They interview the athlete after the awards and He or She tells a compelling story, riddled with injury and perseverance and outstanding circumstances that the athlete overcame to win this medal.

He or She has scars, horror stories of devastating news and backwards progress. Their spouse died, they became a single parent, they got hurt, sick, whatever it is. They overcame struggles, they pushed through, they had triumph. And here they are, standing at the end, despite incredible struggle, they accomplished something amazing. And you are watching it. With tears in your eyes, you are inspired, you are grateful.

Now, stop thinking about that.

Instead, imagine the exact same scenario, except this time, they interview the gold medalist and his response about his story is ‘Oh, it was easy. I didn’t even really try that hard. I just wished for it and it came true.’

Um...ok? Like...thats all?

Do you feel inspired? Do you feel connected to the basic human struggle with someone you admire? Do you feel motivated to pick up something new despite your obstacles?

My guess is no.

My guess is that if you believe the mountain you are climbing is easy, then when you get to a place where it’s hard (and it WILL) you will readily accept the answer that this isn’t for you. You will believe that you aren’t worth the struggle. You will believe that your obstacles are bigger, more insurmountable than anybody else’s, and because of that, you can quit, with no regret. You are justified.

I am here to tell you, to inform you, that those are lies.

I am here to tell you that the person that succeeds does so not WITHOUT obstacles, but IN SPITE of them

I am here to tell you that each time you make the hard choice, you get better. You refine your spirit. You tell that trickle of water to widen. You make PROGRESS. Now, it may not be measurable by the standards of reality we subscribe to, but there is progress made. There is a neural pathway that has been established. And each time you choose it, it gets stronger.

The best stories I hear are ones FULL of struggle. The best transformations are not made in ease. The warriors are the ones remembered.

Do NOT go looking for an easy fight.

Do NOT give up because it’s hard.

Use the struggle as fuel. Use the path we are giving you to walk on even when EVERYTHING else says ‘probably should stop’.

Don’t look around for validation. You’ll find it.

Don’t let yourself believe that it’s too hard. Because the truth is, no matter how hard it is, YOU are made to be refined. You are made to do hard things. You are crafted to be torn down and destroyed, AND to be rebuilt with harder, more complete materials.

You are here for a reason. Let us guide you down a path we can see the end of, even when you cannot.

We love you. Let’s go do it.

-Hallye Barnett

David Barnett