Macro Member Highlight: Greg Wilson

This is the first of many Macro Member Highlights I plan to do, and I have officially found my calling in life. Thankfully, Greg is an intelligent and easy to talk to guy, so my job was quite easy. But getting to sit down with someone I have talked to on the program so many times and really uncover more about who they are, and what they enjoy, and what they struggle with, has been the most enjoyable, fun experience of my time at Macroholics.

Greg is a sweet, kind, bright eyed man that brings warmth with him into every room. He discussed a lot of his journey with food, and his journey with maintaining his weight after he reached his weight goal. You can see our interview on the podcast HERE as well as our highlight video HERE.

This blog is just another form to celebrate Greg, and to discuss what I personally learned and took away from our time together.

Something that stood out to me in my time with Greg and the topics we discussed was Greg’s emphasis on the advice he received. He talked about this article (HERE) and how such a small percent of our life is actually ‘normal’. There is so often an event, a special day, an anniversary, a birthday, a holiday, a vacation. That’s why Macroholics is so, so important. Macroholics can fit those days into your plan. You can have the cake at the birthday party, and still get an A+. You can go on vacation, enjoy the sushi, have a glass of champagne. Macroholics is not about weight loss. It’s about navigating the stressors, the issues. It’s about having a community to talk to when things are hard. It’s about making the plan to conquer those times you know you’ll struggle.

Greg has had such an exciting life. He’s lived and worked in dozens of places, and he has so much sparkle in his eyes so full of life! He discussed his hobbies, quilting, being the most exciting and interesting hobby I have ever heard! What a beautiful testament to what a unique, lovely person Greg is. He has three dogs, and a cat named Richard Parker, which is amazing. He has a lovely cutie pie wife, and a home near the university. He is a CrossFitter, a yogi, a runner. He’s as dynamic in his life as he is in his success with Macroholics. He is funny, and calming and interesting.

I am so thankful to have gotten to spend some time with Greg today. So happy I got to learn more about who he is, and see that sweet soul in person! I am so excited to get to continue this journey and talk to every single Macroholic I possibly can!

Until next time,

Hallye Barnett

Hallye Barnett