Mental Change


It’s October, and that means we are starting to stare in the face of Halloween Candy, Thanksgiving treats, Christmas Parties, etc. It is the HARDEST time of the year to lose weight. 

So, probably not the time to sign up or reinvigorate your weight loss journey, right?

I would like to challenge you on that. 

If all of those things sound like non-negotiables, you HAVE to eat as much Halloween candy as you want, you HAVE to eat at every thanksgiving ‘feast’ you are invited to, you MUST have at least 4 cocktails at every Christmas party, etc. Maybe this is the perfect time to change your relationship with food.

You see, change does not come from your comfort zone. It does not come from easy and it certainly wont happen on accident. 

There is no shame in making the choice to indulge in the holidays, or everyday at that. You are seen and loved by me regardless of what food you put in your mouth, ALWAYS.

That being said, I want more for you.

I want freedom.

I want you to walk into your office Christmas party looking thinner, feeling better and saying ‘no thank you’ to foods you ‘had’ to have a few months before.

I want your face to beam with pride as you post your screenshots on the night of Halloween because you made 3 pieces of candy fit and you still had a day that fit in with every goal you have for yourself physically and more importantly, mentally. 

Our society struggles with deprivation. We have been blessed to grow in a place where desire is the only thing that limits excess. You have to be intentional about it. And it’s uncomfortable. We are designed biologically to desire excess. We don’t like to hear ‘no’ or ‘not as much’. 

But, I believe in the freedom of patience. In waiting. In perseverance, in strength. I believe weight loss through Macroholics is what drives the REAL change that happens in the mental game. 

Learning to say ‘no’, learning to plan ahead, learning to recognize your emotional self as present, but not necessary for food, is IMPORTANT to success in the long run.

Bariatric weight-loss patients do NOT have an ‘easy’ time losing weight, they are wraught with the same struggles everybody else is, the difference is in being forced to do it. The issue, most times, is that the mental change that comes with change WITHOUT force, can be full of freedom and life-wide happiness.

So, maybe signing up for a weight loss program approaching the most tempting time of year is the worst thing you can do. 

Or, maybe, it will teach you the lesson of self honesty, consistency, patience and a redefined relationship with food and many other things in life.

Maybe you will finally stop trying to be ‘normal’ and start trying to be the best version of you there is. Maybe you’ll stick out at the Christmas party, because you said no, but maybe, someone will see that and feel inspired to do the thing that they were afraid to do.

Maybe your ‘yes’ is someone elses, too.

Come learn with us. Come ask questions. Come struggle. We invite it. We want to walk the hard parts with you, and celebrate the wins. We want to see your victories both on the scale and off. 

Macroholics is not a diet. Its a mental shift that is acquired through a weight loss program. Try it out, and see the transformation that awaits you.