I Think You Are Brave

I see you float your cursor over the ‘start now’ button. I see you stop. I see you open your log for the day. I see you close it. I see you drive to the gym. I see you leave before going inside. I see you looking at the menu, face wrought with indecision, I see you order the big, yummy plate. I see you put those babies to bed. Tired and worn down, I see you choose that pint of ice cream. I see that party. Those friends looking and asking what you are going to do. I see you take that drink, and then another. I see you lay in bed, I hear you promise tomorrow will be different. I see you wake up, and before your feet hit the floor you have been defeated. I see you choose something else, something not yourself, again and again.

Those decisions make me proud. You might think they make me sad, or disappointed, or even angry. But they make me love you. I see the struggle. I see the fear. I see the doubt. I see all those people who told you that you never would. I see all those people that think you can’t. I see the way you look at you in the mirror, no smile across your face. I feel that pain.

I think you are so brave. So brave to keep going. So brave to start. I see your decisions that make you proud. I see that smile and your shoulders roll back. You did it! You made the choice you wanted to make. I think you are brave.

When everything is going wrong, and the decision to log or start or continue feels overwhelming and out of sight, but you blindly put your brave foot forward, I see that. I see you start the day proud and end it sad, but I see you try again, and again.

The definition of brave is not that there is no fear or no doubt. Brave is when you do it anyway. Brave is when you fight. When you try. Bravery is what you can control. Bravery is where change happens.

It may feel like a failure. 2019 may seem doomed already. But the beauty of you is that you aren’t done. Every morning. Every minute. Every second, is a chance to make a new choice. To have a new start. And each time you shake your hands out, and put your head down and try again, imagine me behind you cheering.

In a world full of contention, and anger, I want you to know that your failures are not the low points of your character. Your failures are proof of your bravery. They are memories of times you held your head high and decided to try. There is no greater beauty than that moment. Do not hide those moments. Practice them!

I think you are brave. For being here. For trying. For listening to the voice inside you that says, ‘maybe’. I think you are good. Honest. And Brave. Let’s be brave together, and make each day brighter than the day before.

-Coach Hallye

Hallye Barnett