Enough of That

It’s January 12th. We are almost halfway through this month.

I have been hitting it hard. All A+ days, lots of workouts and reflection on what this year is going to bring me.

I have struggled, at times. I haven’t always felt proud. I’ve had sick days, cravings, busy times, mom duties, work projects.

I haven’t made excuses.

You know what?

Because I’ve had enough of that.

I’ve had enough of why I can’t. I have had enough of what I wish I could. I have had enough of the limitations, the chains, the justification.

I’ve had enough.

It’s time to do. It’s time to stop thinking why I can’t. Time to stop doubting. Time to let the past go, let the choices I’ve made stop holding me back. I’m breaking free.

Because I’ve had enough.

I have already spent time eating lots of yummy food. I have already hid behind the camera too many times. I have already declined beach trips and skipped out on fun times because I didn’t want to be seen.

I have had enough of stretchy yoga pants because nothing else fits and I won’t go to a dressing room. I have had enough of seeing an old highschool friend and wishing I could disappear because I am so embarrassed of how I look.

I have had enough of putting my health last. Not because I have to, but because it feels nice to say I didn’t have time, or I’m a better mom when I’m full.

I have had enough of that crap. Those lies, those excuses, that stupid voice that says I can’t.

I’m ready to break free. To rise above. To work my butt off (LITERALLY) to reach heights I’ve never seen. I want to see what I can do. See where I can go. I want to run without stopping and walk without hiding.

I want this. And I have never run faster towards it. Motivation comes and goes. Not everyday I wake up am I certain this is what I want to do.

But I am done saying ‘I can’t’. I WON’T say ‘quit’. There is more for me. There is more for you. This world is yours for the taking. And if you are ready to say ‘enough of that’. Let’s run together.

Come run with me.


Hit start now.

Send me a message.

I’ll be here to remind you why you said ‘yes’.

Let’s get it done.

Enough of that other stuff.

Hallye Barnett