Want to be a Macro Master?

For those that don’t already know, we have clients that are referral partners at Macroholics. These are self proclaimed Macroholics for life that have developed a healthy relationship with food and want to help others do the same. They are known as Macro Masters! These Macro Masters receive monthly referral rewards for clients who have joined the program through them.


You can see our current referral partners here: https://www.macroholicsnutrition.com/referrals/


We want to extend this opportunity to more of our members!


The vast majority of our new clients have always come from referrals and we want to thank our members for being so willing to share how much they have enjoyed and benefited from being a member of Macroholics. Nothing is a bigger compliment to us than our members sending people looking for help in our direction!


There are 3 criteria we are looking for in new potential Macro Masters!


  1. They have demonstrated the ability to follow the program consistently for a minimum of 3 months and get significant results.

  2. They regularly engage with the Macroholics community in a positive and encouraging way.

  3. They share their journey openly and honestly.


If you're asking, “So how do the referral rewards work?” here's a breakdown:

Referral partners receive $25/month from every client who signs up with their referral code/link on the website for as long as those referrals remain members.


For example, if you had 20 clients who signed up through you at the end of a given month, you would earn $500.



At 25 clients, your referral rewards increase to $50/month for each additional client.

At 50 clients, your referral rewards increase again to $75/month for each additional client.


I’ll let you do the math but the potential is there for someone to make a living wage through this system. Burgundy Rinker, a previous Macro Master was the first to achieve these numbers. Now she’s a full time employee of Macroholics Nutrition!


If you:

1.) Love what we do at Macroholics.

2.) Meet the criteria covered in the above 3 points.

3.) Want to help other people the way Macroholics has helped you!


I would love to talk to you about being our next Macro Master!


Shoot us a text (806)392-6286 or an email macroholicsnutrition@gmail.com and we will get the ball rolling ASAP.

David Barnett