Self Delusion: It’s Time To Weigh Everything You Put In Your Mouth

If you have an obesity related chronic illness and/or one of your major health markers (resting heart rate, total cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar, or BMI) is indicative of chronic disease, it’s time to buy a food scale.


The rest of this article and this video can give you some insight on why.


Modern society, generally speaking, has demonstrated an inability to form a healthy and effective relationship with food. For the first time in American history, the next generation has a shorter life expectancy than the one before it. This shift comes despite access to the most advanced medicine in the world and the greatest abundance of food in human existence.


What’s happening here?


I believe Jesus Christ was the son of God and that he died on the cross for our sins but you don’t have to believe in the inherent truth of the Bible to learn from its wisdom and gain some valuable perspective on the nature of human beings. For very good reason, and independent of its spiritual implications, the Bible is easily the most read and well preserved piece of literature in human history. Much of my article will draw from biblical texts.


Still here? Great!


In the book of Genesis, Adam and Eve eat the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden to gain the knowledge of good and evil. What some people miss here is the meaning of the “knowledge” or “knowing” of good and evil. It doesn’t mean the fruit downloaded some kind of information into their consciousness.


The fruit represented a divergence away from following the “good” laws of God. By eating the fruit, Adam and Eve made the choice to pursue moral autonomy. More simply, mankind would be cursed to judge for themselves what’s good and that which is evil despite lacking the tools to do so effectively. The pain and sorrow of that choice echos infinitely and eternally through all of human history.


Every generation thinks that it’s pretty smart and that it has a pretty solid grasp of things.


In a country that was born under words claiming that all of us, “...are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” a lot of our actions and policies say otherwise.


Despite that claim, for another 144 years (Less 100 years ago from our current date), it was legal to beat women and they were “too dumb” to vote. Obviously we couldn’t have been more wrong but there was little resistance to that notion at the time. Go through history and you’ll see that this same trend of putting our own values and limited world view on a pedestal continues back through thousands of years across the entire globe. What do we think or do currently that future generations will look back on and say to each other, “How could they have possibly done that!?”


Which gets us to the point of this article:


At the bare minimum, each of us need to identify our deep and inherent inability to judge what is and isn’t beneficial if we hope to have a healthy and effective relationship with food.


In the case of something a bit more concrete, when it comes to reporting calorie intake, we are jaw-droppingly bad. No, you don’t understand. Like really, really far off the mark.


Here’s just a few examples:



Even groups of nutritionists and dieticians have demonstrated in research and case studies to be way off the mark when they estimate their food intake without access to food scales or other tools of measurement! When hearing this, it’s hard to understand why so many overweight people looking for help still respond with something to the tune of, “Yeah, but not me! That’s not my problem. My problem is _____.”


In all things, including fat loss, we need to utilize objective tools (scale/smartphone), an objective point of view (a coach), and a system (Macroholics) to navigate the challenges we face.


While everyone and everything is still susceptible to the innate human flaw of self delusion, the refined application of scientific data and modern tools like social media, scales, and smartphones provide the best means at our disposal for mitigating the damage of self delusion.


If you still don’t agree that all humans, essentially without exception, are profoundly effective at deluding themselves and packaging their poor choices as good and justifiable, let me see if I can provide some perspective by returning the the spiritual, psychological, and emotional side of things.


The words used in the bible to describe our inherent shortcomings and imperfections as human beings include, “iniquity, transgression, and sin.” We aren’t intimately familiar with these words and their meanings because by modern standards, they are obscure words that the vast majority of people just don’t incorporate very consistently into their daily vocabulary. By far, the most abundant of these words in the bible is “sin”.


In Hebrew, the word is translated as “kahta” and in Greek, “hamartria”. These root words aren’t religious in nature. Kahta means to miss the goal or to fail. What’s most fascinating about sin in the bible is that in the majority of people in the bible don’t know they are sinning (failing) to begin with or even worse, they think they are doing “good”. This contradicts how many people think about “sin”.


People in our modern world are no different. If a member of ISIS can behead a child and think he is enacting the will of Allah, it’s anything but a stretch to understand how the majority of those diagnosed with chronic disease related to obesity (type 2 diabetes, heart disease, etc.) believe that they eat “pretty healthy” and don’t see the amount of calories they consume as a significant contributing factor to their illness. It becomes easier to find grace for, and comprehend why many people react to a high BMI, blood pressure, or cholesterol by getting defensive, deflecting responsibility, or discrediting the validity of the test.


The only place of authority I have to offer you is this: To date, I’ve helped over 1000 people lose almost 15,000 pounds in less than 2 years. Most of these clients have come to our program “stuck” in their own cycles of justification and self delusion.


Navigating a world full of cheap, easily accessible, amd hyperstimulating food isn’t easy and the reality of the situation is this: As an American today, the most likely way you’ll leave this Earth is by eating yourself to death.


Most of us are hardwired for two things:


  1. To over consume these foods.

  2. To justify that behavior.


Please buy a scale and try logging your food. If nothing else, you’ll learn something about yourself! You can try our program which has a 100% no questions asked money back guarantee but no it doesn’t have to be Macroholics.


If you’re sick, overweight, and looking for help, my advice is this: Don’t stick to your own devices on this one. Utilize the countless resources out there that are at your disposal and make this a priority now. Not later today, not Monday, not tomorrow, not after that vacation you have coming up. Now.


Your health is precious. It's worth the effort.


David Barnett