Macro Squad



Let me get right to the point:


To meet the needs of our clients as we continue to experience exponential growth, we will be implementing a “Macro Squad” Facebook page that our team will be using to give us a single point of contact that we can all easily access in helping you achieve your goals!


To be clear, this isn’t any different than what we have been doing over the last several months. Previously, the team has just been using my personal Facebook profile to do this.


As broken down in #6 of our Resources Page you can ask me a question directly that I will answer live on our nightly Q&A. You can also tag me in any post, email me at or send me message on Facebook.


All methods will result in direct access to me where you’ll get a response within 24 hours.


For those interested, here’s why we are making this small change:


This thing started with myself, 10 clients, a Google doc, and an iPhone.


Just 18 months later it takes a refined and ever-evolving system, 7 MacBooks, 3 wireless hotspots, and a team of 7 full time employees.


On April 1st, 2018 we hit 500 clients. Today, just 13 days later, we have 526 clients, a growth rate of 10% per month.


This change is being implemented now to account for our projected growth moving forward so that we are fully prepared to provide the most complete and effective fat loss program in history as new features and resources are implemented weekly.


Rest assured that my promise, focus, and priority is to maintain or improve upon the quality and effectiveness of this program as we grow.


While the growth of Macroholics Nutrition allows us to give back and provide even more to our members, quality over quantity will remain our first priority.


As of yesterday’s adjustment day, our program is more effective at helping our average client where it matters: RESULTS.


The average Macroholic loses an all time high of 20.8 pounds and 10.2% of their total bodyweight. If you want a full breakdown of our results, head HERE.


Thanks for coming with us and supporting us on our journey Macroholics! There’s so much more to come. Onward and upward!


David Barnett