Big News: The Rinkers Are All In

2 weekends ago Hallye (my wife) and I finally got to sit down to dinner with Burgandy and Trey. Their effect on Macroholics has been undeniable. A whopping 75+ people have found the program through them. Together, they have lost over 100 pounds and have both been on the program more than a year. Just on her own, the people who have found our program through Burgandy have lost 1000 pounds!

Those figures don't include her family who all have transformation stories of their own!


This mother of three and this father who goes to school full time AND works a full time job are the embodiment of what we try to do at Macroholics.

Anyway, (I could brag on them forever.) back to the double date I mentioned earlier! Something that felt almost fateful happened at that dinner. We spontaneously went from FINALLY meeting this couple, in person, for the first time...

To tinkering with the idea of what it would look like if they could hypothetically work on Macroholics full time. 

One of our guiding principles that helps us make decisions for this business has been:

"What can we add to help make our clients more successful?" 

Constantly recycling this question in my head had me taking the possibility more and more seriously every second. 

Fast forward to just a few days later and Trey has put in his 2 weeks notice at a company he has been with for 8 years, the Rinkers have listed their house in Andrews, and are they preparing for the move to Lubbock.

The Rinker family is all in.

I know, it's crazy!

We have all prayed about it a ton, seeked the council of friends and family, weighed all of the conceivable pros and cons, and came to a clear conclusion:  This is meant to be.

Less than a year and a half ago (Has it really only been 18 months!?) I took on 10 remote nutrition clients as a small side project. In a couple of weeks, Macroholics Nutrition will have 7 full time employees and over 500 clients. 

One principle, above all others, has guided me from day one. I constantly ask myself how I can make this a more effective and complete service for those looking to develop a healthy relationship with food.

It's hard, if not impossible to understate how much value they will bring to our current clients as well as those who will have their lives changed by this program down the road like so many others.

I believe that a Rinker family that's fully committed to Macroholics is a force to be reckoned with. We all have so many exciting plans and ideas about how to make this program even better in the coming months. 

Get excited Macroholics! New, bigger and better things are headed your way! 

David Barnett