Falling Off the Wagon

It’s been 3 weeks since you’ve logged your food. You’ve been eating whatever you want, and you see the weight creeping back up.

You have lots of good ‘reasons’ why you haven’t been tracking. You’re under a lot of stress, kids are sick, birthday parties, work is crazy.

Every night you vow tomorrow will be different, and every morning you find yourself in the drive thru ordering something you know does not set your day up for success.

You are embarrassed, you are frustrated. Why can’t you just do it? What was easy about doing it last time? Why can’t you just force it? Why is it just so freaking hard?

You hide from the mirror, you ignore the texts. You retreat to a place full of comfort and shame, and surround yourself with food that tastes good, full tummies for good nights of sleep. You might even pick up a hobby or something to further justify your ‘goodness’ even despite your ‘failure’ with food right now.

Then the heartburn comes back, and you know it’s time to do something. Your pants aren’t fitting right and your heart flutters when you think of standing on the scale and facing the reality of those decisions you’ve been making. Have you lost all your progress? Do you have to start completely over? Will it always be this way?

You see other people that started after you, passing your progress. That panic rises and the magnitude of starting over looms bigger and bigger.

Now, you are at a crossroads.

Do you quit? Find something else? I can’t face my coaches with the same face that I had before. Maybe they will make fun of me? Maybe they will be mad at me?

I have a unique perspective on this subject. Mostly because I just described a place I have been at so many times I can’t even tell you the amount.


I have also seen it from the other side. From the coaches side.

I know how much they want you to win. I know they have been in that same dark place. I know they have felt those feelings and more than ANYTHING they want you to know that it is okay.

It’s okay to start over. It’s okay to fall flat on your face and pick yourself back up and start running again.

Macroholics gets its name from a play on Alcoholics. Macroholics is a place for failure. It’s a place to stumble. To ‘relapse’. To recover.

We are Macroholics because we are not perfect. We are Macroholics because food is comfort, safety, happiness.

We are Macroholics because every. Single. One. of us has had to start over.

We want you back. We want you here! We want you to know that no matter WHAT. No matter how longs it has been. No matter how many texts you’ve ignored. No matter how much weight you’ve gained, you are welcome. You are wanted. You are seen, and heard and loved.

If nothing else, Macroholics is a place where failure is a part of the process. It is necessary. You aren’t truly changed unless adversity allows the rebound.

We will help you stand back up. We will encourage you. We will hold you up while you learn to use those logging legs again.

So if you have fallen off the wagon. Been dragged by it, run over by it. Pick up your phone right now and text us. Click that ‘start now’ button and join us. We are all ‘failures’ and we have all been there. Let’s start over, together.

  • Hallye

Hallye Barnett