Why Macroholics?




We’ve all heard it. We’ve all seen it. It is everywhere.

Messages from high school acquaintances asking if you are interested in trying their ‘brand new all natural weight loss plan’. Grandeur and promises of pounds lost, abs appearing and skin tight dresses looking better than they have ever looked ever. It is getting increasingly difficult to trust ANY weight loss ‘product’ and they seem to be inflating in price by the minute.

Then there are the people that are so beat down by the system, so tired of trying and trying and feeling more lost than ever before. They are tired of the lies, the promises falling flat. They feel like they have run in circles around 5-10 pounds and its flat out not worth it anymore.

I just want to eat like a normal person, feel good and lose some of this weight I’ve been carrying around for however long. Why does it feel like a crowded airport when you ask for direction in that space?  

Because everybody wants it. Everybody has a desire to look, feel, do something amazing with their bodies! We are hardwired to want it. And honestly, look at the comment section of ANYTHING and you’ll see the societal pressure to look or be something.

So, of all the different paths, why Macroholics? What do we offer that everybody else doesn’t? Why choose to spend your hard earned money on this system?

The secret? It’s not the diet.

ALL, and I mean EVERY single ‘diet’ you can find works.

I mean it! Lemon juice & watermelon diet. It works. Keto? It works. Weight Watchers? Works great.

Okay...so, now you are more confused than ever right?

So, if all the diets work, why can’t I lose this freaking sandbag on my stomach?

The key is….community. Accountability.

If the world could easily lose weight huffing cayenne pepper and eating cucumbers only, this conversation wouldn’t need to be had.

We need a tribe. People to rally behind us, check in on us, help us navigate the times that it seems impossible.

THAT is why Macroholics.

That is why it works.

Because we see you. We care about you! We WANT you to win.

Every single day, rain or shine, Christmas or New Years, a coach GRADES your screenshots. We give you input. We ask if you need help. No. Matter. What.

Every Friday, we talk about your week. We address what the scale did, address some of the difficulties you’ve had, talk about how we can overcome them.

We pray for you. We cry with you. We celebrate with you.

Macroholics isn’t a diet. It’s a group of friends. It’s a chance to get to know people from all over the world that are on your team. In the same boat. Clawing and climbing out of the hole of ‘I’ll never do it’ together.

We want you to be a part of this family. We want 2019 to be the year you look back on proudly. We want to crush those resolutions together.

Come join us. Click the link, sign up, and let’s put all this ‘which diet works’ stuff to bed.

It works because it’s not a diet.

Let’s do it!

-Hallye Barnett

Hallye Barnett