You Belong Here

It’s an unpopular opinion these days to be a fan of New Years Resolutions. With all the memes about over-crowded gyms and snarky posts about how ‘nobody’ is successful on February 1st, having set a big (or small) goal on January 1st is almost frowned upon now.

I am here to tell you that’s a lie! The whole reason behind the New Year Resolution is because it comes at such a perfect time. Coming off the heels of holidays, family traditions, gifts and food, and turning the page to a clean slate, a beautiful year with so much potential and beauty. It’s a perfect time to decide what you want for yourself, what goals you want to achieve, what behaviors you want to change.

The cynicism surrounding the failure of a New Years Resolution is born out of doubt, fear and callus hearts. If you are someone that has decided that 2019 is your year, I am here to tell you that I am cheering LOUDLY for you! I am cheering as loudly as I can to drown out anybody telling you otherwise.

With my reflection on the consensus of New Year’s, goal setting, and the general culture our society has created about aiming for big and scary goals, I began to wonder about fitting in.

As the ONLY overweight person in a circle of very, very fit friends, I know how it feels to look at something and think ‘ya, but...that’s not what I do…’. For years I looked at Macroholics as something that worked for anybody, just not for me. That has all changed.

I will shout from the rooftops that you are welcome here. YOU. Whoever YOU are. If you are old, young, fat, skinny. If you work out, or don’t work out, or want to work out but don’t. If you have never tried, or tried and failed, or you succeeded and now you have new goals. If you have been here before, if you have never said ‘yes’. YOU belong with us.

We are not a community of people that has it all figured out. We are not a community of people without struggle. We are not unreachable, we are NOT judgemental. You are a piece of a puzzle with your own, beautiful, perfect shape that fits in exactly where it should. You are unique, and wonderful and no matter WHAT your story is, you belong with us.

When you sign up for Macroholics you are signing up to say ‘I want this goal’ and we are here to tell you that YOU CAN DO IT. And we will let absolutely nothing stand in the way of cheering you on.

With a world so often torn by facade and fear, I want you to know you are safe with Macroholics. We want you to know you fit here. And we want you to know that 2019 IS your year. Let’s get there together.

-Coach Hallye

David Barnett