Why Macroholics Is Expensive

Periodically, I like to ask our clients what they wish Macroholics offered. I feel like it’s a healthy check-in with our valuable clients to know what they are wanting, where they are at, how they feel we are doing, etc. I did this yesterday, and a common desire/question/input was surrounding our price point, discounts for families, loyalty rewards, etc. It’s also a common issue with our Macro Master program, and people struggle to explain why the price is what it is.

Obviously, we feel the price is worth the investment, but the answer ‘it’s worth it’ can always be subjective. So, It dawned on me that sometimes we aren’t as transparent as we could be about why our price is what it is, what it is that we do, why we do not offer discounts, etc.

This blog is here to discuss why our price point is what it is. There is also a semi-similar video about this topic, if you’d like to watch that, you can find that HERE.

  1. We are constantly in contact with you. As discussed in previous blogs, Macroholics does not claim to be a simple fix. We do not sell a magic pill. We stand firmly in the belief that lives are changed through accountability, community and personal relationships with clients. Burgandy Rinker, carries our Macroholics business phone with her 24/7. She responds to all text questions personally, quickly and accurately. You can ask any question, ask for encouragement or discuss planning your food for a tricky situation. All day. Every day.

  2. We care about you. As an individual. Our entire company structure is based around the idea that we want to add value to our clients. Each employee of Macroholics has a job that is geared SPECIFICALLY to personalization of our product. Cassidy and Josh send out starting information. They read your form and give you PERSONALIZED targets that fit your profession, your workplace, your schedule, your age, your medical needs, your bodyweight, your goals. We have a 15 step process that takes into account each and every factor to make sure we are setting targets that are as personal as possible right from the very first information we give you. We all do adjustments every Friday. We take into account your week, your week before, your training volume, your medicine changes, we discuss among ourselves how we could encourage, praise or help each person. Cassidy and Josh also go through every single screenshot, every single day, posted on our website and Burgandy goes through every single screenshot sent in through text, and they are personally marked off one at a time. It is not automated. You can ask any Macroholics employee about any one of Macroholics 500+ clients and they will be familiar with them. That is the bulk of our time, energy and work hours. Learning about you, thinking about you, focusing on YOU and helping you.

  3. We offer 3 different types of exercise programming. At Home, Regular Gym and Functional Fitness programming. In theory, you could cancel your gym membership and still receive plenty of exercise solely doing the Macroholics At Home programming to facilitate a healthy weight loss.  

  4. All of our material and systems are based around adding value. All of our YouTube videos address common Macroholics issues. We are constantly creating and formulating ways to make it easier for you to be a successful Macroholic. Recipes, Tips, Community Events, Per pound charity efforts, Podcasts, exercise demonstrations, and even any suggested topics!

  5. It’s simple. We could offer different levels of membership, allowing access to different aspects of what we offer, but the reason we offer them is because we feel so strongly that they are helpful, even NECESSARY to your success, that we pour our energy into making every aspect as good as we possibly can, that we don’t feel it right to offer a lesser service just to make more money or have more clients. We stand by the ONLY membership we offer because we know that it is an exceptional product and that by utilizing all of it, you will have a much, much higher chance of successfully losing the weight.

  6. Results. It works. It really does. Our average client loses 20+ pounds. The systems we have in place, the people we have working for it, the desire of the community to cheer on those struggling, all the things that make that $150 price point a reality have a direct correlation on success.

  7. We don’t want you to quit. Because of the things we discussed above, we know you! We want you to win. All of our coaches have PERSONAL success stories with Macroholics. We know what it is like to struggle. If we made the price $50 a month, we would have a lot more clients, and a lot less successful transformations. We do not want you to have to navigate struggles alone. We do not want you to pay us and not actively be working on meeting your goals. Something I learned in college is that the typical gym’s business model is to sell as many memberships as they can and have as few actually attend the gym as possible. In fact, most gyms today, if EVERY person that had a membership actually went, it would cease to function. They are banking on the fact that you will quit. They are employing people based off the fact that you won’t show up. They set their price as low as possible so that you will feel less committed, and less likely to cancel due to the hoops they make you jump through. YOUR success is OUR success. That is incredibly important to us. And the main reason why we text you every single day that you aren’t actively sending us your screenshots! We WANT you to win!

  8. We offer, weekly adjustments, 365 days of accountability, meal plans, holiday meal plans, CUSTOM meal plans, Unlimited FaceTime calls, Exercise Programming, Goal weight by date spreadsheets, SMART goal setting walk-throughs, an AMAZING private FaceBook group, Daily Q&A sessions, accuracy reviews, Infographics and other quick access informational input, all of this with a 100% money back, no questions asked guarantee on your first month. Because we know it works. Because it matters that it works!

  9. We do not offer any discounts. Ever. For anybody. You wouldn’t think this would be on the ‘good things we offer list’ did you? Haha. The reason why I feel it’s so important is because we do not have any favoritism. We do not have anybody that we ‘care’ more about. If you are a client, you are paying the full price at the time you signed up and you not only GET but DESERVE all of our attention. Even David, the owner and creator of the program, his GRANDMOTHER pays a full price membership. Because we stand so firmly on this principal you can rest assured that there is never a ‘better deal’ or a ‘better time’. The price is the price. Always! Many people ask for a family or household discount, but the reason we cannot do this is because of the fact that our entire program is based around the unique individual we are helping. Every. Single. Person. Is going to have different metabolic rates, different careers, different levels of accuracy, different challenges, etc. We would give the exact same product to your husband or wife that we would give you.

  10. We realize the financial burden can be great. That the amount of money required for a Husband and a Wife doing our program can be significant. Let me tell you a story. Over the years of owning different gyms, David & I offered several clients free memberships due to loss of jobs or unfortunate circumstances. Do you know how many of those free clients had a successful transformation story? None. Not one. The financial commitment, the sacrifice required to make something important work, is where 90% of the success comes from. It is like built in motivation!

In the end, our program is designed to give you as much as we possibly can and charge as little as possible. Their are comparable programs that are quadruple our price and have a limited intake of 20 clients. We strive to make Macroholics as accessible as possible and I personally promise you that it will ALWAYS be that way as long as David & I are the owners.

Macroholics is a place for change. A place to put aside all the doubt, all the naysaying and make REAL and LASTING change happen. Come be a part of what we do at Macroholics, and I promise you, it will change your life if you let it.

David Barnett