Marriage & Macros - Author: Chad Hoban

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Many of us are not always in the same situations as our spouses. Health, weight, activity, free time etc. it can be hard to balance out a life of one person eating toward certain personal goals and the other to stay alive not necessarily with the same mindset… but it is not impossible and it does not have to be a fight. I’m a stay at home dad and I do most of the cooking in my house and as a former firefighter I can throw down in the kitchen 

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For the most part when planning out what we are having for dinner I will weigh out the portions dry as I’m prepping them to cut down on time spent after it’s ready. This is especially helpful if you are making things such as casseroles or things that would normally require estimation. As a couple we eat many meals repeatedly using the same ingredients so over time it drastically cuts down on time weighing it all out separately and you can just go create it as a recipe and quickly make you a portion. Like I have here. 

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If you have other family members involved in the process (my son) in my instance my wife will usually fix her plate then his and this also gives me time to weigh and measure so we can all sit down together. These are just a couple of ways I’ve found to make the process go a little smoother so that come lunch, dinner time it doesn’t become a super hassle with tons of questions about ingredients that may interfere with what should be a relaxing time with the family. Hope this is helpful. Keep crushing it Macroholics!


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