BLOG: Chelsea Makes It Work In Australia

Chelsea is a Macro Master living full time in Japan. She helps guide clients to and through the Macroholics Program.

Chelsea is a Macro Master living full time in Japan. She helps guide clients to and through the Macroholics Program.

I'm a firm believer that you do not have to stop working out or eating within your range while traveling. Exploring the world shouldn't limit your personal abilities or stop you from reaching a goal.

My family and I spent a week in Australia and we were determined to eat in a manner that kept us in the game and also saved us some $$ while we were abroad.

We had 20 hours of travel to get to our destination and made our macros work for us. We had fast food options and chose higher protein options when we could -- chicken nuggets worked every single time! And when on the plane, we scoured through the menu options to see what worked best for us. The best option we found included baby bel cheese, crackers and nuts.

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DAY 1-3:

As soon as we got to our hotel in Sydney, we checked out grocery stores near our place and were pleasantly surprised, and we spent under $150 AUD for 3 people ($118 US). Being on vacation means we're also on the "go" so we grabbed a lot of items we could eat on the run:

1. Lunch meat, cheese and bread thins for sandwiches
2. Protein bars
3. Pre made protein shakes
4. English muffins and PB for quick and easy breakfasts
5. Snickers ice cream bars because duh
6. 1.5 rotisserie chickens
7. Copious amounts of Coke Zero and water

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We planned 2/3 meals from what we purchased and ate out once daily. When we would eat out, we would put that in MFP first and then plan our day around that meal.

As far as working out, our hotel had a small gym that we opted to take advantage of early in the morning. It was 30-45 mins of our day that was over before we knew it. Our hotel has a laundry service too, so I didn't have to pack stinky clothes.

DAY 3-7:

We spent the AM in Sydney and flew to Melbourne at lunch time. We had to finish off the chicken, lunch meat and cheese before we left so already to start the day we were really high on protein.

We snacked on protein bars and kangaroo jerky during the day and survived on sugar free monster.

We got to Melbourne and checked out Google Maps to figure out what grocery stores were near by. We found an Aldi's about 4 blocks away and went there to pick up necessities. This go around, we only spent $58 on all of our foods -- the cost difference between the two cities was pretty surprising. Our hotel was a little different, it was basically an apartment and cookware was made available so our grocery list changed a bit.

1. Eggs/bacon/bread
2. Lunch meat/cheese
3. Jerky/protein shakes
4. Rice cups
5. Breaded chicken breast
6. Greek yogurt
7. Low protein granola bars

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 4.11.15 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 4.11.02 PM.png

We went to dinner with friends and picked from a few restaurants that showed menus online. We settled on a steakhouse that conveniently listed the serving size in grams. I put dinner in MFP first and worked around it with what we picked up at the store.

We packed our lunches/snacks and took them with us when we went out, ate when we could and enjoyed our vacation to the fullest.

I know that eating at restaurants is the high point of vacation at times, but for this trip we just took a step back. We wanted to experience activity instead of finding our experiences with foods. We stayed on track the entire time, still got to try new and fun things and we left Australia both having lost about 3lbs each.

I never once felt like we couldn't do this, we planned ahead each night for the next day and brought our food scale with us when necessary. We made this work for us and feel better than ever on the 20 hour journey home.

BONUS: The first day we were in Sydney we were walking to the grocery store and saw there was a functional fitness gym around the corner from our hotel. We wanted to experience one class during our 3 days there. Fitness and proper nutrition are HUGE for us and getting to experience a different view in a different country was not only fun, but exciting.

DOUBLE BONUS: When we left Australia, we had to continue our journey through Singapore and Seoul before arriving home in Tokyo.

A few things I found in the airports we were in that made staying on plan easier:
1. Protein bars
2. Protein shakes
3. A variety of jerky
4. Coke Zero and Pepsi Max
5. Copious amounts of plain and flavored water
6. Baby bel cheese and crackers


We spent about $300 on food for one week outside the US/Japan. Sounds painful right? The one night we went out to dinner? That was $78 total for 3 people. I imagined doing that everyday, 3x a day and realized we really got the better end of this deal. Healthy doesn't have to mean expensive.

David Barnett