If Edgar Has Time, You Have Time!

Macro Master, Edgar Barron has lost over 75 pounds on the Macroholics Program. Today, he gives us a little insight on how he manages to balance being a father, fiance, full time employee, and a functional fitness athlete!

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It seems like many of us have, once or twice, used the excuse of "I just don't have time" when it comes to working out or dieting. Most of the time, the real reason is that we aren't willing to sacrifice a few things in order to reach our goals. It may seem impossible to fit everything in one day: home life, work schedules, time at the gym, proper meal prep, etc. But I'm living proof that as long as you put in the work, the results will follow. It's okay to feel uncomfortable, that's when the most amazing changes happen. I've dug deep to find my reasons "why" and "how" I stay motivated in order to achieve my goals (workouts and macro targets).

1.) Being in shape and dieting were never things of importance to my family growing up. It wasn't until my parents became older that their health changed. They developed high blood pressure and diabetes. At that point, I was 300 lbs myself and I realized I needed to do something before I developed my own health conditions.

2.) December 15th, 2014 my biggest reason to get a grip on my health was born, Evalina Skye. She is my WHY. I want to be able to play with her as she grows older, practice whatever sport she wants to play and just be able to play tag without running out of breath.

3.) My fiance Kristy is my biggest motivator and biggest supporter. Obviously, she deals with the crazy amount of food I consume each day, but she also supports me when it comes to working out. She's always by my side during competitions and she's also my training partner.

4.) The Macroholics Community and the Go For Broke group each motivate me every day to hit my targets and nail my training. The Macroholics Community is simply the best; seeing everyone's A+ days, the amazing results, and the accountability and support we all hold towards each other is what keeps me on track. Seeing my own results, along with the results of the other Go For Broke athletes, keeps my head in the game daily.

Is it possible to work a labor intensive job, hit your macros, get 4 sessions of training in a day, and be a husband and father to 3 girls every day? It is 100% possible, you just have to be willing to sacrifice a few things! My normal Monday through Friday generally follows this schedule:

  • 4:40am My alarm goes off every morning. I get up, weigh myself, take preworkout, and try to talk myself out of working out as I get dressed.

  • 5:00am I am outside in my shed warming up for my cardio session, core session, and sometimes a strength session.

  • 6:00am You can find me in the kitchen cooking my breakfast as I plug stuff into My Fitness Pal to see what I can make work. I usually pre log my foods the night before and have all my snacks in ziplock bags.

  • 7:00am I'm headed out the door with my baby girl, dropping her off at her grandmas before I go to work.

  • 8:00am I'm at work, putting all my snack in my ice chest, which I carry in my back seat all day.

  • 9:15am First snack of the day, usually some sort of fruit or sunflower seeds. 10:30am Second snack of the day. Lately this has been a chicken pizza lunchable or a chicken patty sandwich with chips.

  • 12:00pm Lunch time

  • 2:00pm Third snack of the day, usually jerky or fruit. 3:30pm Fourth snack, a premier protein shake and fruit.

  • 5:00pm I'm off work by now and drink my preworkout on the way home. Once I'm home, I quickly change and begin my two strength sessions and a metcon. There are some days that I only get a chance to do my strengths and have to wait till around 9pm to do my metcon, after Evalina goes to bed.

  • 7:30pm Dinner, most days it's a shake and peanut butter and banana sandwich.

  • 9:00pm Night snack, and mostly every night it's an ice cream.

  • 9:45pm Bedtime There isn't much variation, thus is my schedule pretty much everyday Monday through Friday.

I have seen several of our clients say things to the tune of, "You're lucky you get to eat so much and lose weight!" on our private Facebook group. In my opinion, luck has nothing to do with it. Few people have the grit needed to get up early to train, go do hard labor all day, then get home and train again! I love watching Edgar prove what's possible! Keep it up my man! 

David Barnett