You Don't Need The "Right" Diet

1.) Over 4500 total pounds lost in less than a year. 

2.) 48 clients with 25+ pounds lost who have kept it off. 

3.) An average loss of over 13 pounds per client. 

These numbers are unheard of in the nutrition/diet/weight loss industry. What took me about a decade to discover and apply with my own relationship with food and with my clients looking for help was realizing that we have been going about this weight loss thing all wrong. 

It's not the diet that's the problem. It's learning how to adhere to a diet. 

Don't get my wrong. I love my program's design and I think it's the best.

I have developed a program that strips away all the bull shit and mysticism behind nutrition. The targets I give you based on your goals are all that really matters when it comes to getting results. Our mission statement is clear and simple: 

“Our primary purpose is to facilitate a sustainable program you can execute anywhere, always, and forever in order to achieve and maintain a healthy, lean physique.”

Yes, I think my program is the best because of that simple approach but it isn't what makes our results unparalleled. 

Here's what makes it special: 

We focus our effort, time, resources, and energy on helping people actually follow the program we are offering! 

What we DON'T focus on is selling what we offer as proprietary, ground breaking, or unique. The thing standing between you and the results you have never been able to achieve isn't the "perfect" program. It's following the program you already have. 

Until we all do that, this problem is only going to get bigger. 

A lot of people can write up effective programs, meal plans, and diets and I have yet to encounter an inherently ineffective diet or nutrition program.

Diets are statistically almost guaranteed to fail. The nutrition industry's failure has been developing a deeply engrained habit of selling really good road maps to people looking for help but never teaching them how to drive a car. 

It's like selling better and better mops to people while their sink is overflowing. They need someone to teach them how to fix the sink. 

Instead, we blame their lack of self control and discipline for our own failure as coaches. The likelihood of adherence to the prescription is just as, if not more important than the prescription itself. 

Let's shift our thinking for general populations looking to make a change. Stop telling them WHAT to do LESS and start showing them HOW to do it MORE! If we really want to help people we will start guiding them every single step of the way instead of giving them a template and hoping it works out. 

It isn't working and it has never worked!

Pretending that the responsibility of keeping people on course falls solely on the shoulders of our clients will only get us where we have gotten. Sicker and fatter than ever. 

My intention isn't to sell you the "right" diet. It's to give you an effective prescription and develop a relationship with you. That relationship will be based on helping you navigate the hurdles that life will undoubtedly throw in you way and courageously face the fundamental reasons you haven't seen success in your relationship with food. 

You're a Macroholic. The first step is admitting it and letting me help you. 

Hallye Barnett