AIRmerican STREAMin'!

I'm so blessed in every single facet of my life and I give thanks and credit for all of those blessings to Jesus Christ and the humbling support I have been given from countless people. 

I'll just come right out and say it because things are changing! So here it is: 

Myself, Hallye, Harper, Cassidy, Josh, Penny and Pippin will be hitting the road on Saturday for the Macroholics North American Tour! 

We have sold pretty much everything we own except for what fits into a small storage unit and listed our home for sale! We will be towing our new homes from coast to coast. Hallye, Harper, Penny and I will live in a 30ft. Airstream Flying Could towed by our new Toyota TRD Pro Tundra: 

Our first stop will be to pick up our 2nd home that we have found in San Diego, CA for Cassidy, Josh, and Pippin:

They will be pulling theirs in with their Toyota TRD Pro 4Runner:

Penny and Pippin can't wait!

You might be asking, "How will it all work!?"

The honest answer is, we aren't really sure! When I made the decision to do this I came to one simple conclusion: 

10 years from now I just couldn't imagine wishing we wouldn't have ever given this a shot. 

Our basic plan is to see everything North of the US/Mexico boarder for about a year. While we are on the road, we will buy some land, and build our big beautiful dream home to move into when we decide we are fed up with life on the road! 

We have 5 iPhones all equipped with hotspots and three new MacBook Air laptops. Daily screenshots and adjustments can be done anywhere with cellphone service. We have already tested this out in a few different scenarios and it works great!  

We have researched full-time RV life a ton but I'm guessing nothing can really prepare you for the real deal. Come what may, I have no doubt we are going to get over any hurdle life throws in our way as a family...

We will be: 

  • Traveling to parks, museums, etc.
  • Meeting our awesome clients
  • Doing free seminars at gyms (More to come on this!)
  • Hiking, fishing, and hunting
  • Training in gyms, affiliates, and beautiful outdoor locations
  • And so much more

5:00 am workouts followed by helping people get great results will be the daily routine 7 days a week. After that? Well... whatever we want! Rafting the Grand Canyon, Salmon fishing in Denali, A ballgame at Wrigley, getting some groceries at Pike's Pier, Eating Lobster in Maine or Key Lime Pie in the Keys. A bike ride down Venice Beach, a day at Disney World, a tour through Mesa Verde, or whatever adventure sounds the most enriching! 

All of it will be on our VLOG, this blog, Facebook, Instagram and so subscribe and come with us! Hallye will also be documenting the journey on her new platform on Instagram and Facebook. For those of you in Lubbock, we love you and don't be sad because I promise we will be back! Julie would kill me if I took her granddaughter away and didn't come to West Texas regularly to visit! We hit the road in less than a week! 

Let's roll.

David Barnett