Adding A "Notes" Section To Your Adjustments Post

You always have four answers that I need you to post with your two week view screenshots on Adjustments Day every Friday. Below that, please don't hesitate to add a "Notes:" section. The more insight I have into your situation, the more informed I can be in giving you accurate and appropriate adjustments.

Theoretical example for a fat loss client:

John Smith:

1.) Lowest weight last week: 186.5

2.) Lowest weight this week: 186.2

3.) Days I trained: 2

4.) Caloric multiplier: 17

Notes: My daughter was very sick from Monday-Wednesday so I chose to stay at home with her instead of getting in my normal morning runs Monday-Wednesday. Next week I plan of getting in 5 workouts even if I have to run in the afternoon heat.

WITHOUT the notes:

I would lower this multiplier since we didn't see the minimum 0.7% of total body weight.

WITH the notes:

Every situation is unique to the individual and their goals but I probably wouldn't lower it as much as I typically would considering the unique circumstances of this particular week.

On the other end of things, maybe you got a stomach virus and you weren't able to keep much down resulting in an abnormally low weigh-in as a result of dehydration and an empty stomach.

Vacation, illness, constipation, menstrual cycles, or whatever it may be, if you think it might be significant, please let me know. If it's a personal issue that you'd rather not post on the page, don't hesitate to text me instead! 

I hope you're all having a wonderful day. Happy counting!

David Barnett