Who's On Your Driver's Licence?

This is my Macroholics client Cassidy. She has lost 60 pounds since her last driver’s license picture was taken:

unnamed (6).jpg

Cassidy lost her weight over the course of 8 months. That’s about 32 weeks or an average of 1.8 pounds per week. That breaks down to 0.9% of her total body weight per week. In addition to her success with weight loss, she has kept it off for over a full year while passionately pursuing new and exciting fitness goals.

She is currently prescribed targets that maximize her performance as a functional fitness athlete and continue to improve her body composition:

It’s been a joy to watch her find confidence in herself. Through her journey with nutrition, she has learned the universally applicable values of discipline, commitment, sacrifice, and consistency. The vast majority of girls her age (or people in general really) simply haven't developed the character or maturity to accomplish what she has.

I am so proud of her. 

When Cassidy sent that driver’s license picture to me, I had to basically beg her to let me post it. Cassidy has a hard time looking back at a picture that embodies her old decision making process, priorities, and lifestyle.

It's understandable that she simply wants to spend her time and energy looking forward! She is young, dedicated, self-aware, and determined. She wants people to see her for the woman she has become and close the book on the girl that she was.

I couldn’t let her do that just yet. I had a feeling there might be someone out there who isn’t proud of their current snapshot. Someone who wants more and would be inspired by Cassidy’s story.

Do me a favor! If you’re up for it, take out your driver’s license and look at that picture for me. Who was that person? More importantly, who have they become?

Now imagine yourself one year from now standing in line at the DMV and looking at that old snapshot of yourself. What kind of person do you imagine standing there looking down at that little worn out 2 3/8'' x 3 5/8'' piece of plastic?

Have they grown? What have they accomplished?

“Our primary purpose is to facilitate a sustainable program you can execute anywhere, always, and forever in order to achieve and maintain a healthy, lean physique.”

If you want to take better care of yourself...
If you want to lose body fat the right way... 
If you want to walk out of that DMV with a snap shot of someone who clearly decided mediocrity just wasn’t for them anymore...

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David Barnett