Diets Don't Work

If you don’t already know the official mission statement of the Macroholics program, here it is:

The part of this I want to focus on today is our ability to execute the Macroholics program anywhere, always, and forever.

All of our clients exist somewhere on a spectrum of success and experience. Their approaches to successfully fitting the Macroholics program into their lives vary greatly. This variance is entirely appropriate and necessary. A night-shift nurse who has 3 kids and doesn’t exercise can’t expect to see success doing the same things a single college student with a light course load does.

If we include weekends, holidays, vacations, and special occasions:

35% of our lives are lived outside of our typical Monday through Friday 8:00 to 5:00 routines. 28% of that comes from weekends alone. That’s more than one third. One out of three days is way more than enough time to undo the progress we make sticking to our diet/program when we are in a routine.

But those who have the skill set and willingness necessary to follow an effective nutrition program anywhere, always, and forever are guaranteed to be successful.

Writing out a meal plan for a client that tells them exactly:

-What to eat, how much of it to eat, and what time to eat it

Is something I offer at no additional charge on the Macroholics program. That said, generally speaking, I’m NOT a fan of meal prepping and detailed meal plans for the vast majority of my clients.

Here’s why:

If you only have the skills to make progress:

A.) Eating all of your meals in your kitchen while following your meal plan. 
B.) Eating out of meal prep tupperware
C.) When certain foods are available

Your success with nutrition is temporary because your methods are conditional.

The Macroholics program is not a diet.

Diet: A special course of food to which one restricts oneself.

If you’re on this program, but you’re confined to a meal plan or meal prep to be successful with it, then you’re on a diet and your inevitable failure is all but certain unless you spend the rest of your life living in that bubble.

If you can’t do it forever, the results won’t last forever.

In a world full of food that is generally:

-Easily accessible
-Energy dense

The person who eats as much of whatever sounds good is all but guaranteed to slowly get sicker and fatter.

If your fragile bubble is regularly getting popped by:

-Missing your meal prep Sunday
-Old friends in town visiting that invite you to dinner
-A vacation
-Your nephew’s birthday party

Or any of the infinite other possible scenarios that lead to you choosing to go off course, you’ll spend your whole life doing one of two things:

1.) Sacrificing experiences for your nutrition program

2.) Gaining back the same pounds you’ve already lost countless times

If still don’t have the skills to:

1.) Attend a birthday party and eat half of a slice of cake.

2.) Eyeball 4 oz of roasted lamb and wine your host spent all day preparing.

3.) Enjoy a Pineapple Dole whip with your family at Disney World.

While holding to your caloric target and still make progress towards your goals, you’re missing a fundamental piece of what this program is all about! If the only two paths you know are:

A.) Tuppeware/Meal prep


B.) Gluttony

You might have a problem. That was me! From the time I left home for college until 2015 when I turned things around. I would love to help you find a balance that fits your unique lifestyle and goals. If you’re ready to get to work and learn how to do it, sign up now!

David Barnett