Is it hard to lose weight even when you ‘know’ what to do…?

Do you think you need a little 'more'?

A little 'extra'?

Do you struggle with the mental aspect of weight loss more than you want to?

'Macrogram' might be the solution!

Macrogram is the ultra-premier service offered by Macroholics that takes the most personalized weight loss program available and makes it even MORE.

It is based in the enneagram theory, and it incorporates much much more in depth and personal communication and helps process through the more mental aspects of weight loss based on your own unique personality type and factors attributed to it.

The details of the Macrogram program are as follows:

1) $250 a month, no contracts, cancel anytime. (TOTAL)

2) 24/7 immediate access to me and only me

3) Enneagram assessment and personalized targets and accountability based off your own personality

4) A separate, macrogram only, facebook group with daily challenges for growth, both physically and mentally.

5) All the perks and benefits that you have with the normal Macroholics membership will be included.

6) Exclusive social and Macrogram specific meet-ups and events.

Macrogram is designed to take the accountability and the mental challenge of dieting to the next level. We will develop a friendship, a unique and important balance of kindness and awareness that will encourage you to find the freedom from food that you are searching for.

Please feel free to reach out to me personally at with any questions you have on the program. If you would like to sign up, the link is below!