Lexi Petree

lexi before after.jpg

I started my Macroholics journey in January of 2017. I was about to turn 29, I was recently single, & I was MISERABLE. I didn't feel comfortable in my skin, I was extremely self conscious, & I knew it was time for a change. 

Ever since my parents divorced when I was 11, I've been quite the chunk! 6 years or so ago, I went paleo & did CrossFit 5x a week. I lost quite a bit of weight, but life happened, and I let myself go once again. Since joining Macroholics, I've lost 51 pounds & have about 20-25 more I'd like to lose. I didn't do any strenuous workouts the first 4 or so months due to a back injury, & have just recently started lifting weights & doing cardio again. AND I STILL KEPT LOSING WEIGHT! I've honestly never been more healthy, or happy, in my life. I feel so comfortable in my skin, I LOVE my body (belly fat & all), & I have a confidence about me that I never thought I'd have. It's an amazing feeling.

My favorite part about this program is that I can enjoy the foods I love most, & still reach my goals. I eat Chick-fil-A for breakfast at least once a week, I'm a huge beer lover & make sure to fit in my favorite beer when the craving hits, & you can always find Cinnamon Buns ice cream from Ben+Jerry's in my freezer. Okay, I just told a lie. My actual favorite part of this program is the community. Our private Facebook group is full of amazing people, & any advice/help/recipes/etc is two seconds away at all times. 

This is the absolute best decision I've ever made & I know it will always work for my lifestyle & once I hit my goal weight, I'll be able to maintain it forever.