Joshua Batten

Growing up I was always the skinny kid that could eat whatever I wanted with no weight gain. As life events came I slowly started to add weight. A couple pounds in college, a couple pounds after marriage, a couple pounds with starting my career, and a lot after kids. 

When I hit 250 pounds, I decided it was time to make some changes. I tried various diets, pills, and shakes. I spent all of 2016 eating “healthy” and running. I ran 30 to 40 miles a week. In that year I went from 250# to 215#. Life got busy and the running slowed down. Almost overnight I went back to 240#. It seemed like whatever I did worked for a short period of time, but was not practical long term. I always ended up weighting more than when I started.

I watched David and his program for a year and a half. I seen it work for a couple of my friends. I finally had enough. I signed up between the speaker and window of What-a-burger.

Since then I have hit and exceeded my initial weight loss goal. I am stronger and faster than I ever have been in my life. I love the freedom Macroholics gives me. On the program Ive eaten cheesecake, and birthday cake. I still eat out a lot. I do all this and still lose weight. More importantly I feel great.

The program has work so well for me for a variety of reasons. The first is how overly simple it is. Second, the accountability, and one on one David provides. Third, the community is supportive and very helpful. I have not encountered any situation that David nor the group couldn’t help find a solution. What sets this program apart from ever other program out there is its simplicity, and ability to do it forever. 

My only regret is not starting sooner.