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We have helped over 600 people lose 9000 pounds in less than 2 years of operation.

Built upon a simple and scientific foundation, this program is universally successful for clients of varying goals and backgrounds from all over the world. 


All because of the program's

  • Strong community

  • Daily accountability

  • Flexible application

  • And so much more!


Coach Barnett designed this program after losing 80 pounds and keeping it off for over 2 years. He went from obese recreational exerciser.


You can find a video chronicling some of this journey HERE!

Since then, Macroholics has helped over 600 clients lose 9000 pounds in 18 months with more momentum than ever!

The average client that hits the SIGN-UP button in the top right corner loses 14.3 pounds and your first month on the program has a no questions asked, money-back guarantee! 


With this transformation:


Here's how it works: 



You get 1 on 1 access to your coach, David Barnett via text, email, phone, and video chat. 

Once you're signed up, you'll be emailed your starting information that provides you with your customized daily targets that match your goals based off of your age, gender, lifestyle, and exercise habits as well as a step-by-step list that breaks down everything you need to do to get started!

David will also send a starting text to the phone number you provide

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He will be personally reviewing screenshots of caloric and macronutrient totals every single day on our members only Facebook page:

Or, if you'd prefer, VIA text:

365 days a year of accountability help keep you on course and help you navigate, in real time, the hurdles that life will undoubtedly throw in your way.

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Layered on top of that is our weekly review and adjustment to your targets based on your results from the week. 

Got a question or need help with something you're struggling with? Text me and ask or better yet, post it on our community page to immediately get tons of high quality feedback from David as well as the varied perspectives our our diverse clientele: 

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LIVE Q&As every WEEK

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You'll also get unparalled support and accountability. You can't fail with our Method. 

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You'll also get access to world-class exercise programming for varying goals written by some of the best coaches with years of experience in varying fields. You can learn more about that HERE.

This programming even features at home/no equipment workouts for those looking to exercise at home or while traveling. 

We also offer a fully customizable sample meal plan for you that fits your customized targets:

As well as what we call an "Accuracy Review" to help you learn and refine how to track your food correctly:

And so much more!

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We are constantly developing and advancing our program to include everything and anything conceivable to help you develop an effective, healthy, and sustainable relationship with food that accomplishes your goals! 

Ready to evolve? People who say they will tomorrow, Monday, or January 1st. Never get anything done. Start now!