Brandi Bell

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I have always been a very active person. When I was younger I never thought I would have a weight issue because I workout all the time... then the babies came. I definitely gained too much weight with both of my pregnancies, and thus began the many years of roller coaster weight and the success and failure of many diets. The one thing that all of the other diets had in common was that they were not sustainable. I would reach my goal weight and jump right back into "real life", which for me was almost 200 pounds. Then Macroholics came along. This system made so much sense to me right from the start. I could eat! Nothing was off limits. I could live my life and have the things I enjoy within moderation. It wasn't that I was eating the wrong foods, it was just that I was eating too much food. I know this is something I can do comfortably and forever at under 150 pounds! This is easily the best decision I have ever made.